I Would Have Been Burnt at The Stake. 2021

Pee Kiss. 2021
Party pee corner. 2021
Rave in Forest 2006. 2020
Los Trazadores. 2019
Esprays y Piedras. 2018
Adaptaciones a un entorno urbano. 2017-18
Acciones por el parque. 2017
Acciones en Bruselas. 2016
Haciendo equilibrio entre una
escultura de Ulrich Rückriem y un árbol. 2018
Untitled (piss). 2021
The Uprising Forest. 2021
Idol Eyes or The Dogs With Panties. 2021-22
Hug Me Barefoot. 2022-23
Dancing Ghosts. 2022
LIQUID FLESH. A Party by Paula Santomé. 2022
Party pee corner. 2021
Graphite wall drawing, beer, aluminium cans, glass bottle, chips
Variable measurements

View at Bar La Rosana
Forgot to go home. 2021
Toe to Toe. 2023
The Blue Phase. 2023
The Felling of Daphne. 2023