I Would Have Been Burnt at The Stake. 2021

Pee Kiss. 2021
Party pee corner. 2021
Rave in Forest 2006. 2020
Los Trazadores. 2019
Esprays y Piedras. 2018
Adaptaciones a un entorno urbano. 2017-18
Acciones por el parque. 2017
Acciones en Bruselas. 2016
Haciendo equilibrio entre una
escultura de Ulrich Rückriem y un árbol. 2018
Untitled (piss). 2021
The Uprising Forest. 2021
Idol Eyes or The Dogs With Panties. 2021-22
Hug Me Barefoot. 2022-23
Dancing Ghosts. 2022
LIQUID FLESH. A Party by Paula Santomé. 2022
Forgot to go home. 2021
Toe to Toe. 2023
The Blue Phase. 2023
Hug Me Barefoot. 2022-23
Raw clay, steel, glass, handwatch, swiss francs, LSD spray bottle, earrings, weed joint
Variable measurements

View at Kunsthaus Baselland, CH and Kaiserwache, DE
The Felling of Daphne. 2023